Trademark Agency

Trademark transfer

① Meaning

The registered trademark transferred to others, because of a business combination, merger or restructuring occurs trademark transfer, shall apply for transfer procedures.

Assignor trademark identical or similar trademarks registered in the same or similar goods, the transfer must be handled.

Transfer program for about eight months time.

② required information

1. The transfer application, the transfer agreement, the transfer statement produced by the agency;

2. Registration Certificate copy;

3. The transferor valid eligibility document (name of the company to provide a copy of business license application stamped and registered ID card copy of individual applications);

4. A copy of the qualification transferee (the transferee is an individual: the self-employed to provide identity card plus license; transferee company: providing annual effective stamped copy of business license);

5. Transfer to provide transfer declaration certificate (signature ensures consistent if the transferor signature or seal and apply for a trademark, you can temporarily not notarized).