Trademark Agency

Trademark License

① Meaning

Trademark holders to authorize others to use its registered trademark, trademark licensing contract shall be signed.

In accordance with the "Trademark Law" Article 40 provides that: trademark registration permit others to use its registered trademark, trademark licensing contract must be signed. And shall license contract signing date within three months, submit Trademark Office filing, shall be announced by the Trademark Office. Each one should sign a trademark license contract.

In addition, according to the "Trademark Law" fortieth provisions licensor shall supervise the licensee to use its registered trademark quality; licensee shall ensure the quality of their use of the registered trademark. Licensee shall indicate their true names and origin of the goods on the licensed merchandise.

Trademark complete the license application takes about six months or so.

② required information

1. "trademark license contract filing the application", "Power of Attorney";

2. trademark licensor and licensee contract signed by both parties;

3. The licensee provided a copy of the trademark registration;

4. Effective qualification documents (provided a copy of the business license of the company on behalf of a copy of the official seal, provide the name of the registrant's personal identity card).