Trademark Agency

Review dismissed

① Meaning

Dismissed the review refers to the State Trademark Office to apply for trademark registration in violation of the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law dismissed the application for registration of the applicant, the applicant refuses to accept the State Trademark Office rejected the decision within the statutory time limit Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for review, in review satisfied with the reasons stated in the decision of the State Trademark Office rejected the request to grant the application for trademark TRAB preliminary announcement of the program.

② required information

1. The application form, power of attorney;

2. The applicant's main qualification documents (copy of business license, the company offers a natural person to provide identity card);

3. Trademarks ideas and usage (mainly prominent visibility);

4. The honor acquired businesses;

5. Enterprises last three years sales, advertising costs and related financial situation;

6. Other business products and visibility can prove evidence and materials;

7. This marks the first use of evidence;

8. Applicants need to be classified individually numbered evidence mentioning its side and produced a directory listing, the source of evidence to prove specific facts described briefly, and stamped with the official seal;

③ dismissed the review period

According to "People's Republic of China Trademark Law" and the relevant provisions of the "Rules" are as follows:

1. The trademark application for review by mail send and receive text, which is 15 days to review the calculation of time limits, respectively, the local post office received a letter and sent a letter postmark date shall be deemed received by the parties and the date of issue; postmark is unclear or there is no postmark and the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office (hereinafter referred to as the trademark Office) issued a document marked dates postponed 20 days considered as the date of receipt of the parties, or to the State Administration for Industry and trademark Review and Adjudication Board (hereinafter referred to as the trademark Review and Adjudication Board) received date traced trademark application for review of the parties 20 days deemed date issued. When the parties to submit a trademark or a trademark agency review of the book pieces, should provide mailing envelopes and Trademark Office in order to calculate Trademark Office rejected the party received notice of the date.

2. Madrid international trademark application for review, a total refusal to issue a notice of review time marked by starting from the date of the International Bureau. International Bureau issued a document does not provide a date, places and Trademark Office issued a notice of the International Bureau of refusal of trademark starting date marked.

3. The party applying for trademark review matters should be handled within the period prescribed by law. Due to force majeure or other legitimate reasons, you can apply for an extension before the expiration of 30 days. However, the applicant should have deferred delivery cost. Extension request shall be the date of receipt of the notification and Trademark Office rejected the submission within 15 days, an extension of time starting from the 16th.

4. As an extension of time to review the application can only be carried out when the review after receiving the application form, so when you receive TRAB extension application, without time to review, and when it receives a formal review of the book pieces together were time review. Beyond the statutory time limit, the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board inadmissible, and notify the parties in writing or agent.