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Madrid registration

① Meaning

Commonly referred to as International Registration of Marks, refers to the Madrid international trademark registration. Madrid international trademark registration, refers to an "trademark April 14, 1891 in Madrid, Spain signed the" Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Trademarks "(hereinafter referred to as the" Madrid Agreement ") or under the June 27, 1989, adopted in Madrid Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration Protocol "(hereinafter referred to as" the Protocol ") and its joint implementation trademark registration system established by the Madrid Union rules between member States.

It takes about 3-4 months, the International Bureau may be issued trademark registration file.

International trademark is valid for 10 years, renewable for each renewal period of protection of 10 years.

② required information

1. Power of Attorney: The applicant stamped and specify the matters entrusted;

2. Application: Applicant English name, address, application categories and merchandise;

3. The reproduction of the mark;

4. A copy of the domestic trademark registration; or "Notice of Acceptance" copy;

5. Applicants business license or identification card.