Trademark Agency

Trademark cancellation

① Meaning

Registered trademark of cancellation, including cancellation and Trademark Office upon application active cancellation.

Active Trademark office trademark registration cancellation means people do not use a registered trade mark application to the Trademark Office for cancellation or expiration registered trademark, trademark owners have not made the request for renewal, the Trademark Bureau under the application or the law, the trademark registration. Sign matter from "trademark register" in the cancellation proceedings.

② required information

1. "cancellation application", "Power of Attorney";

2. The applicant's main qualification documents (copy of business license, the company offers a natural person to provide identity card);

3. returned to the original "Trademark Registration" and can not be returned should explain why;

4. A total of trademark registration applications were canceled, shall be representative of the application process, but need to attach the written authorization of the other registrants.