Trademark Agency

EU to apply for registration

① Meaning

December 20, 1993, the EU adopted the "European Community Trade Marks Ordinance", referred CMTR. Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other EU countries have begun to implement a whole in the EU countries (to January 1, 2007, the EU expanded to 27 countries) used the trademark system. OHIM on January 1, 1996 start accepting applications for the EU trademark. EU trademark protection for a period of ten years, renewable for each renewal term of protection for decades. CTM applicant nationals of EU member states are not limited to, the other into the "Paris Convention" national "WIPO" Member States may also apply.

② required information

1. The power of attorney, application;

2. The applicant shall submit proof of the qualification (in legal application attached a copy of the business license stamped; natural application attached copy of ID card);

3. The reproduction of the mark.