Trademark Agency

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to apply for registration

First, Hong Kong trademark registration

① application information

1. The applicant may be natural or legal person, the applicant name and address information;

2. Provide samples trademark;

3. Subject to the legal qualification documents to apply, with a "business license" or a valid registration certificate copy; natural application attached to personal identity documents;

4. Fill in the application form a part, the application form must be signed or signed by an agent of the applicant.

② trademark registration process and time

Application for registration time: Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department accepted trademark (TM) certificate for about 30 days; Trademark Registration (R) Certificate of approximately 8-12 months;

Second, Taiwan Trademark Registration

1. The applicant qualification documents to the legal application, with "business license" or a valid registration certificate copy of the application is attached to natural personal identification documents;

2. The power of attorney;

3. Application;

4. Application of the mark.