Copyright Agency

Application Guidelines

① required information

1. Copyright artificial corporate or business corporation shall submit a valid business license or certificate of legal institutions copy of a copy, and must be stamped with the official seal.
2. Copyright is a natural person, a natural person shall submit a valid identity card (front and back copies). And the need to submit a non-service development guarantee or proof of service development.

3. Copyright artificial foreign natural persons and shall submit a copy of the passport, passport copy and Chinese translation, and the need to translate those signature.

4. Copyright artificial legal documents and other organizations of a foreign corporation, the applicant shall submit legally registered and have legal personality, the documents must be certified through the Chinese consulate in local or notarized by the local notary valid. Original or notarized documents to be submitted when applying for certification. At present, foreign legal persons located in different countries or regions due to, legal identification documents submitted content and format will be different, but the basic document information item shall include at least the legal name, date of registration, registration, registration certificate number, documents Validity of the other basic information.
5. Copyright artificial Hong Kong corporation, shall be submitted to the registration certificate and photocopy of the original business registration certificate within the validity period, and subject to the Chinese Ministry of Justice commissioned Notary Law.
Over identity documents as well as other documents relating to the registration (for example: a contract or agreement and other evidence) is in a foreign language must be submitted together with the unit through an interpreter qualified translation and affix the official seal of the Chinese translation of the original translation.

② correction term

The computer software registration shall, from the date of issue of the correction notice, the applicant must be submitted in 30 days correction materials, overdue correction, deemed withdrawn.

③ software copyright owner if it is made by the transferee, the application software copyright registration in two ways

Class A - received "computer software copyright registration certificate." That is for the applicant to fill in the transferee "computer software copyright registration application form." Class B - get "computer software copyright registration certificate contract." That is, the transferor or transferee is an applicant to fill in "computer software copyright assignment contract and exclusive license contract registration application form."

④ query application

Registered software copyright transfer occurs, bear, pledge, change, right successor party to handle copyright registration, parties to a contract to handle the transfer and registration of proprietary license contract, the parties pledge contract pledge contract to handle software copyright registration software registration people for change or supplement the software handle the revocation of the registration or any interested party software applications for registration, are required to handle the software copyright registration applications before the query, the query results is one of the file handle such registration application. Query results are valid for two months over the period, the applicant must re-apply for the query.