Copyright Agency

Application Guidelines

① applicant claims
Copyright ownership registration, the pledgor and the pledgee shall jointly apply for; but the pledgor or pledgee of any other party to hold power of attorney may also apply.

② material requirements

(1) copyright pledge registration application form;
(2) the pledgor, the pledgee proof of legal status or legal registration certificate;
(3) the quality of the main contract and copyright contracts;
Written agreement works right (4) common copyright pledged jointly to prove the copyright owner;
(5) The power of attorney and was the principal legal proof of identity;
(6) The copyright of the copyright precursors authorize the use of documents;
(7) After valuation, the pledgee require valuation or valuation requirements of laws and regulations, to submit valuation reports;
(8) copyright registration certificates and other materials to be provided and the like.

③ processing time

Date of registration authority shall accept the 10 working days to complete the review, to meet the requirements, the registration authority shall be registered and issued a "right of pledge of copyright registration certificate."

④ not the case registered

(1) the pledgor is not the copyright owner;
(2) contracts that violate the mandatory provisions of laws and regulations;
The expiry of the protection period (3) the quality of the copyright;
(4) The debtor to fulfill the debt over the period of copyright protection period;
(5) the existence of a mass copyright ownership dispute;
(6) Others do not meet the quality criteria.

⑤ registration authority deregistered case

(1) found that after the registration of the following circumstances: the contract violation of the mandatory provisions of laws and regulations; pledgor is not the copyright owner; pledge contract works involving unprotected or protection period has expired; copyright ownership dispute ;

(2) The pledge contract is invalid or revoked;

(3) According to the entry into force of the judgment or administrative judicial, arbitral authority or the administrative authority shall make a written decision on revocation of departure;

(4) The applicant provides false documents or other means to defraud copyright registration hostage right;

(5) Other should be revoked

⑥ Change Request

Apply for registration should be held to change the agreement, "Copyright pledge registration certificate" and other relevant documents to the original registration authority for registration of copyright pledge contract change. Complete the review within 10 days from the date of acceptance of the registration agency. Following a review of compliance with the requirements of the changing issues to be registered. Change matters involving certificate content changes, should be returned to the original registration certificate, the issuance of new certificates issued by the registration agency. Certificates include: guaranteed amount, scope, amount of security guarantee period, the right quality content.

⑦ cancellation of the application

In the event of the following circumstances, the parties may apply for cancellation of the copyright pledge right: pledgor and pledgee consensus agreed to cancel, the main performance of the contract is completed, the pledgee to give up the right quality, the right quality realization.

Cancellation of pledge registration applicant shall submit an application cancellation, cancellation registration certificate, the applicant identification and other materials, and return the original "copyright pledge registration certificate." Date of registration agency shall accept for completion within 10, and the issuance of a notice of cancellation of registration.

⑧ revocation, cancellation, change consequences

Copyright ownership registration is revoked, canceled, revoked the right of pledge circulated copyright, cancellation notices;
Registration authority for cancellation of registration of copyright pledge contract, change, cancellation of registration shall be recorded simultaneously with the copyright pledge registration book, and be publicized.