Copyright Agency

Application Guidelines

Apply for registration, "published abroad Phonograms contract", "video works published abroad contract" required to submit the following materials:

① fill complete the registration form.

② about licensing contracts with foreign copyright owner or Producers of Phonograms signed.
(1) Submit the original contract publishing unit with authorized parties signed;
(2) authorize the contract parties should include the name, address, name of film and television works or phonograms published, copyright and related rights in the name or names of the director and the main performer's name, issue number, scope and mandate the publication deadlines ;
(3) phonograms shall include obtaining authorization contract term, songwriter and performer license and terms of payment of remuneration.

③ Where the NCAC designated foreign certification bodies (IFPI, the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association, the American Film Institute) certification prior range of audio-visual publishing unit should also ask for the right to provide a certificate issued by the certification body.

④ submit self-publishing unit of the original donor to a series of copyright certificates and authorization.