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First, the law of a talent strategy

A law to become China's most valuable intellectual property agency services brand, to become an international-type intellectual property agency services business, strategic thinking in this guide, our solid foundation, sound operation, to achieve rapid growth, with good reputation and credibility.

The company actively to the international top companies based learning management system and the establishment of a modern training mechanism to create a favorable environment for the development and working conditions for personnel. The internationalization of enterprises rely on international talent management. Objective law of a talent strategy is: to national brands as the background to the international development-oriented, eclectic attract elite, training talents with international competitiveness, further forging core competitiveness of enterprises. Trust, understanding and respect are the foundation of our pleasant work. Let us all the way to grow, the common struggle.

Second, recruitment information

Now hiring: Intellectual Property Agent

Number of persons: 6

① Requirements
1. have a good foundation in English
2. There is a certain degree of drafting patent specification and claims as well as the ability to reply to OA
3. There is a certain ability to write business documents intellectual property law
4. There is some litigation experience
5. Have the relevant legal background or technical background

② job requirements
1. Have the ability to work independently
2. The focus on teamwork
3. modest diligence initiative

4. Patience careful to concentrate on caring

5. comply with professional ethics

③ recruitment process

Resume ( prepare documents resume screening Notification arrange an interview report