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Complaint Notice

1. The acceptance range Description
Complaint Center customers only received complaints and reports of a staff of law carried out, one for the other feedback and law, we can not be processed.

2. Description of the complaint
The Customer shall ensure that complaints are objective, real, legitimate, do not use words with strong personal feelings and without any factual and legal basis of guesswork comment; prohibited for individuals like abusive, slander and defamation, please consciously abide by all relevant laws and regulations.

3. The rights and obligations of declaration
Your complaints and feedback, will spur us continuously improve service quality, and we are extremely grateful. We pay attention to every complaint information, our customer service staff will be the first time, according to priority, we are committed to a working day, the proper solution in consultation with your responsible attitude is our continuous strong foundation.

4. Warning
Laws of a business philosophy has always put the customer experience first, by any employee of their work, resulting in the loss of economic benefit to the customer or the customer's words and deeds of any disrespect, once verified, the Division I do discouraging treatment, while retaining the prosecution rights.

Complaints Tel: 13501901524

Complaints mail:

Complaint Contact: Cheng Jing