Superiority of LvYi

Value-added services
Law a focus on customer service experience, but also focus on the long-term and stable cooperation with customers, a staff abide by professional ethics law while actively exploring how to be able to provide customers with more value-added services to help customers make every case we in part, to help customers save every minute, saving every sum invested is our pursuit of intellectual property rights. We strive to practice the intangible assets to help customers effectively into the core competitiveness of enterprises, translate into economic efficiency of enterprises.

Outstanding intellectual talent pool
Our company has outstanding intellectual talent in the technical strength, experience, skills and other aspects of the law to achieve the optimal combination. Trademark Attorney at Law a trademark registration, protection, aspect consulting, strategy, etc., have formed a professional, mature team of experts to provide customers with the best solution overall intellectual property; law a patent agent in the electrical, chemical, mechanical and other areas is unique; a law lawyers have extensive practical experience in the real protection of intellectual property, administrative authorization procedures and judicial review proceedings in terms of becoming the most powerful team.

Scientific management processes
Scientific management processes for our customers to provide quality, efficient and professional intellectual property protection programs overall solution. Our customer units, establish a sound trademark records management. Law not only provides a pre-preliminary trademark search for customers, but also provide trademark of post-secondary blind retrieve. A law from standardizing processes, departmental collaboration, multi-dimensional person will be responsible to ensure the quality of the case. Adhere to the law of a case as a point, the flow of the line, serving as surface management.

Homonyms total law apply what they learn the corporate culture
Homonyms total unity of knowledge is the spiritual sublimation of law and cultural development of a precipitate law. A law firm and persistent pursuit of maximizing the interests of employees and partners, a persistent pursuit of the law "not only to know, more to do, not only to do, but also made boutique concept of operations", watching every detail, from the customer's point of view, wholeheartedly consider each issue to help customers maximize the benefits of intellectual property. Law remains a member of the entrepreneurs forever and go all the qualities of passion, positive for the law to create a trusted and entrusted the industry's intellectual property legal services brand.

Ability to integrate resource-rich
Law one has always attached importance to accumulate and integrate various resources. A proactive law and government departments, social organizations, the media sector, universities and other counterparts to maintain good communication, the law also focus on the integration of a resource, regularly organizes knowledge salon, customer appreciation events and social activities, and strive achieve optimal allocation of resources, to provide customers with more convenient intellectual property agency services.