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Shanghai LvYi Intellectual Property State Administration for Industry and Commerce for approval inception, the company has the most members of the dual legal and other professional background knowledge, have received professional training system of intellectual property rights; professional coverage of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, customs protection. Over Patent Engineer, cover art computer technology, communications engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, biochemistry and so on.
Shanghai Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is a law college students practice teaching base of Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law, was named Shanghai Trademark integrity agent, and currently serves as CTA (China Trademark Association) governing units, STMA (Shanghai Trademark Association) governing units, is also INTA (international Trademark Association), AIPPI (international protection of intellectual Property Association), ACPAA (China Patent Agents Association), a full member of CIPS (China intellectual Property Society) Professional Committee.
Shanghai Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. law a professional range trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets unfold as the core, including the Chinese and foreign trademark applications and patent applications, licensing, carefully review the patent early warning, trademark monitoring, customs registration, and government programs related to intellectual property consulting and agency; Acting trademark opposition and disputes, patent invalid cases, administrative mediation cases, administrative indeed the right litigation, intellectual property infringement litigation.
Shanghai Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. adhere to the law a "case to be made for each boutique" attitude to "homonyms total law Zhixingheyi" concept, in order to establish the world's leading intellectual property services targeted to the unique resources, unique perspectives, professional services, dedicated spirit, and strive through the sincere efforts of all staff, provide our customers with efficient, professional, practical, comprehensive legal services to help achieve "wisdom, power, wealth," the effective conversion .
In order to ensure that we provide a more professional and authoritative intellectual property services for Chinese and foreign enterprises, we hired a senior intellectual property community experts, scholars, judges, government officials as the company's expert advisers.
Premier Wen Jiabao said: "The future of competition in the world, is the intellectual property of the competition this competition, both competition between countries, but also the competition between local, it is the competition between enterprises.." We hope to provide enterprises Meanwhile professional intellectual property legal services to help companies develop a hand, as companies successfully participate in international competition escort.

Company Culture

Homonyms total law, apply what they learn

Service concept

Adhering to the "quality of each case to make," the service concept, to provide you with efficient, high quality and professional intellectual property overall solution.